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KOOJI has found her furrytail ending!

Kooji has found her furever home!

Happy furrytail ending, Kooji!

Tell me the first thing you notice about me? It's my piercing blue eyes, right??? Well that is one of the few things that I inherited from my Husky Mum - the majority of my genes come from my Keeshond side of the family.

Keeshonds are known to be good family dogs. We love kids and are quite playful. Me, well yes I do like the little people, but it might be best that they are a little older as I will try and make them share their food with me, even if they don’t want to. I would love a family that is home more often than not with some kids that will throw my ball and run and play with me, and maybe even another middle aged medium to large dog to play with too.

The next thing you might notice about me is my size – yeah yeah I know, I am on a strict diet and exercise regime to get me back to my beach body for Summer. It might take a little while, but with a family dedicated to keeping me on track, we will get there! I will need walks at least 4 times a week when the day is at its coolest. I am pretty easy to walk, so I will make sure it’s your favourite relaxing time of the day!

Shower me with love, toys, car rides and my own bed to sleep inside on and I can guarantee you we will be mates for life. Like I said, I didn’t inherit much huskiness, so I am content to stay within secure 4 ft fences. Black dogs can jump, but not this little black duck! Speaking of ducks, Mum did pass on her prey drive gene, so best you keep those pocket pets and chooks away from me, or I may slip up on the diet!

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