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MIKA has found her furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Mika!


They say a Husky never really grows up and, well, I would have to agree. My microchip says that I'm 9 years old, but you wouldn't know it. I still love my walks & adventures and have years of love left to give in this cute little pocket rocket of a body. What I need in order to do that is a furever family - and that, my friends, is where you come in!

First things first though, you need to know some things about me so you can decide if I might be just the right fit for your family. Family is one of the most important things to me. I love all people and have grown up with kids of all ages. I get very excited to see children when I'm out and about and I'd love some in my new home. If there aren't any, that's ok too but I'd like to be the centre of attention. I really enjoy time inside with my people as much as I can, but will also happily retreat outside if you have to go out.

To keep me safe and secure in the yard, I'll need the usual Husky set-up: 6ft fences with no ability to squeeze out or dig through underneath. There isn't much of me to prevent finding a little escape route to freedom! The main reason I might go looking for trouble on the outside is if I spot something to chase. I was born with the Husky prey drive gene and so small animals like birds, lizards, possums and cats are all fair game and aren't safe in my reach.

Not all animals are off my list though. I don't mind the company of other dogs. I currently live with an easygoing male and we get along just fine. He's not allowed near my food though - that's mine! I'd be ok as an only dog in a home with people who are home more often than not, otherwise if there's another easygoing dog my size or larger, then that's ok too.

Are you still thinking that maybe I could be the new family member for you? I might be all cute and little and stuff, but don't forget that I'm still a Husky and a redheaded one at that. The red coat adds that little bit of extra sass! Yeah ok I still have some manners to learn, but who doesn't?

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