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DIZZY has found his furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Dizzy!


Here I am, ladies! I know lots of you have been eagerly awaiting the day my adoption profile pops up on your screen and, well, today is the day! You no doubt see my photos and are taken by my cuddly polar bear looks but there are a few more things about me that you need to know before you consider adding me to your family. I definitely have yins to my yangs and at times can be a bit of a complicated fellow, so here comes the important stuff.

Whilst I love the ladies and enjoy a good cuddle, it's on my terms and when i'm in the mood. Men on the other hand I'm not that fond of. They scare me and I'm very wary of them. I do warm up a little and with time could get to like them a bit but I won't be suited to any of them "alpha male" type guys who wanna yell at me and stuff. That will just make me shut down and hide. Gentle and easy is the only way with me. For this reason, I also don't do small children. They make too much noise and scare me. Any kids in the home should be school aged or older and dog savvy enough to understand how to act around me.

I do draw confidence from other dogs in the home and would like to have a canine lady friend, I think. A dog who is medium sized or larger and pretty easy going. I'm not really one for playing much but I do enjoy their company. I can get a little jealous if it's my pat time and they try to take over but otherwise I currently live with a female Malamute and have hung out with another female Husky and I'm pretty sure they dig me as much as I enjoy being around them. No cats or small dogs though - they are only good for chasing!

Home-wise, I do like some time inside hanging with my people but also have my favourite hidey holes in the backyard where I enjoy spending my time. My cubby holes are password protected so you need the secret word to be allowed in! I have no issues with you coming and going from home and leaving me behind, but I do really enjoy a daily stroll before you go. Be prepared for a little lead pulling when we get going - I am an Arctic after all! I'm not too bothered to escape my home so fences just need to be secure and 5ft plus.

So now that you've read all that, and read it again, do you have everything I need to be happy in my new home? I have no doubt that I'm gonna be popular - us fully white ones usually are - but since I'm a complex fellow, I'm looking for just the right fit.

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