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PHOENIX has found his furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Phoenix!

Like a mythical bird that has risen from the ashes, I too am reinventing myself and looking to start my new life. That's all a bit Dr Phil, isn't it!! Don't worry, I'm so not the philosophical type. With me it's all about the fun and life is at a million miles an hour.

I'm the blend of two very different, yet at times similar, breeds. I have the combined energy of a Shepherd and a Husky so I must point out that if you're looking for a lay-around lazy bones then best you keep looking! I put gusto into everything that I do. Play time is very important to me and tug-of-war is at the top of my list - I'm an undefeated champion! I also require a walk most days. A run during the colder months would be good too.

Play time is not much fun alone, so I'll need a doggy brother or sister. They'll need to be able to match me in wit & energy, but also leave me alone at dinner time. Feeding us separately is the best solution to that issue. All this pent-up energy is at times released in bursts with leaps, jumps and zoomies so I won't be suited to a home with little young people or little old people that I may accidentally jump on in my moments of crazy! Cats are untested but usually the answer points to no.

In my old home, I learned how to jump and climb fences. But in my new foster home they have 6ft solid fences with no cross beams for climbing and having my doggy foster brother as company has kept me occupied enough to not make any escape attempts. Chasing your dog around the streets is fun for me, not so much for you, so any prospective new homes will need suitable secure fences for me.

You know it, I know it - I really am a unique and stunning boy. There's so much more to me than these looks, but if you have all that I need, the SHAMROQ girls would love to hear from you.

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