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KENZIE has found her furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Kenzie!

The name Kenzie means 'fair one' and as you can tell by my ginger coat, that's not far off the mark. It's also, however, the name of a fictional kick-ass female TV character who also has a sweet side...let's run with that one, shall we?

The kick-ass side of me is just standard Husky genetics. When it comes to people I'm all sweetness. Whilst I enjoy the company of other dogs, I don't like them near my food and I like to have all the people's attention. I have a Malamute foster brother and was surrendered to the pound with my Husky brother. So ideally it'd be nice to have another similar sized dog for company, but my people will always be my first preference when it comes to my attention. To my knowledge I've never been exposed to cats or other pocket pets so there are no guarantees there. Best they either don't live in my new home at all or have a totally separate area in the house away from me.

I don't mind who my people are, just as long as they can dish out the pats, like to take my on adventures, have plenty of time for me and also a spot on their lounge room floor right by their feet (or better yet, a spot on the couch beside them) for me to settle into at night. Big people, small people, purple people, I don't care, just be my people. If you give me attention and maybe even some yummy treats, all my focus will be on you!

My aim in life is to please you and, if I was lucky enough to join your family, the SHAMROQ ladies would insist that you have a yard with secure fences 6ft in height. They like to make sure their adopted charges are safe out there! They'll go through your info and make sure we are a good fit before we get to meet, but if you think I would complete your family then drop me a line!

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