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Important Information

As northern breed owners, we are all aware of the challenges that they like to present us with.

Here are some good links to help answer some of those hot topics.

Is a Northern Breed Dog Really For You?

Do you really want a northern breed dog? While the northern breeds are somewhat captivating with their good looks and individual personalities, they have rightfully been described as 'Terrorists in fluffy coats'. There is so much research to be done before you take the plunge! They are not 'normal' dogs and are not for the feint-hearted. They were bred to work in the harshest of conditions and can be challenging. But in saying that, these breeds are not just a breed choice, they are a lifestyle. Those wanting to test their ability to be owned by an arctic should consider fostering first, should they fulfill the requirements, to give it a trial run whilst helping to save a life in the process.


​Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc:  "So...You Want A Siberian Husky?"


Husky House Siberian Husky Article 


Alaskan Malamute Club, Victoria Inc: "Owning An Alaskan Malamute?"


Minnesota Malamute Club: "Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky Comparison" ​ ​


Where To Get A Dog Or Puppy

We at SHAMROQ advocate rescue, obviously. However we understand that some people are set on introducing a young puppy into the family. Our rescue rarely has puppies, but often has dogs ranging from 8 months and up, once the novelty of the breed wears off for most impulse puppy purchasers. We strongly recommend that you only purchase a puppy from a registered, ethical breeder once you have done extensive research. Never buy from a backyard breeder, pet shop or unregistered puppy farm. Your pup may cost more initially, but you are likely to save yourself money and heart ache in the long run. 


To find registered, ethical breeders - please visit DogzOnline or your State's breed registration authority. In Qld it is Dogs Queensland.


​Shiba Shake: "How To Get A Dog - Getting A Cheap Dog Or Puppy"

*Please note, this is a US website so some of the details are different, however the fundamentals are still the same. ​

Why You Never Shave Double-Coated Breeds

Signs Of Heat Stroke & How To Keep Double Coated Breeds Cool

Pet Poisons

Tick Information

Introducing Babies To Your Dog

Having a new human come into the family does not mean that your dog has to exit it. Too many times, people have babies and decide the dog has to go. We encourage you to speak to a trained, accredited professional dog trainer when you are introducing your new baby to the furry family members, to keep everyone safe and reduce stress levels for all. 


RSPCA Australia: "Will My New-Born Baby Be Safe Around My Dog?" ​


All dogs that come into SHAMROQ's care, or are assisted with rehoming, are desexed. This is not an option, it is mandatory. After all, we are only here due to the overpopulation and continued unnecessary breeding of our beloved breeds. Some information about additional benefits can be found here:


RSPCA Australia: "Why Should I Have My Pet Desexed?" ​

Dealing With Digging & Climbing

Northern breeds can be known for their Houdini like skills. Some climb, some dig and others are open door or gate opportunists. It is for this reason that 6ft colourbond, dig proof fencing is ideal; however all applications are assessed on case by case basis depending on the needs of the individual dog. Tethering dogs or keeping them on a chain is not an option. We also do not advocate the use of any hidden fence or electronic correction collar systems for various reasons.


Shiba Shake: "Dog Escape - How To Stop Dog Escapes" ​


RSPCA Australia: "How Can I Stop My Dog Jumping The Fence And Running Away" ​


RSPCA Australia: "My Dog Is Digging Up The Garden - What Should I Do?" ​ ​


Crate Training

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