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WILLOW has found her furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Willow!

Once upon a time there was a young Husky girl, known to her friends as Willow. She started life in a home of her very own but tragedy struck and she ended up in “the system”. There she quickly learnt that to get by, you needed to be independent. So, despite her usually sweet nature, she came up with a false persona so that on first meeting, other dogs and people thought she was tough and not be to tangled with. Fate would step in, and although they were far far away, a small group of Husky-loving ladies were to learn of this young Husky girl doing it tough. These ladies, known as SHAMROQ would put this little one on a plane and bring her to join the rest of their merry band of misfit dogs. All of who are promised the perfect home of their very own. Willow would be safe, no matter what.

Once in care, the SHAMROQ team quickly caught on to Willow’s little fake front. She couldn’t trick them and they just knew her tough exterior would not last long, with people or dogs. They could see she desperately wanted to be friends and have companionship; she just didn’t know how to go about it. Along came the perfect canine foster brother. One that could put up with her initial snaps and warnings that quickly turned to puppy play and cuddles. Willow knew this type of easy-going male dog was just what she wanted in a forever home. It might take a little settling time and a new person willing to go that little extra mile, but Willow and SHAMROQ knew that it could be done. They all knew not to push their luck to small dogs or other pocket pets though!

Apart from the other dog to give her confidence, Willow also dreamt of a family that included her as one of them. She had found this “inside dog” life and she loved it! No more street kid here thank you very much! Whilst she enjoyed playing in her yard (6ft secure fences please), she loved nothing more than sleeping by her people and following them everywhere they go, just in case she lost them again. Though she loved all people, Willow knew that small children under teenage age weren’t going to suit her new lifestyle.Whilst Willow’s story is still being written, there is sure to be a Happy Ending, it just needs that one final chapter and maybe that could include you?

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