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LILLY has found her furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Lilly!

Lilies are the flowers that symbolize humility and devotion. I might have an extra “L” in my name, but that just means I have extra love and devotion to give! I have a bit of a backstory to give you, and it really does explain why I am such a special girl and why I deserve an equally special furever home. You see I was brought up with my person, my mother and my brother. Unfortunately, my person hit some hard times and we had to live in a car. He tried his hardest to keep us together, but we ended up at the shelter for our own sake. After a few months with the nice ladies at the shelter, along came some more nice ladies from SHAMROQ. Mum had been adopted already so my brother Jack and I went off to some kennels. My brother Jack is a bit of a special lad and he went off to foster with one family while I went to another.

My foster family are the best! I am so happy to spend as much time with them as I possibly can. What they have learnt about me is that it seems my time living in a few different situations means that I must be an inside dog. That is where my safe spot is. If I am locked out in the yard alone, my anxiety gets the better of me and I must try every avenue possible to go find people! But if I am inside, chilling on the couch then I am as happy as can be! Ideally what I am looking for is a home with people who are home more often than not, and if they have to go out then I can be left inside. The ultimate would be a home with a doggy door to take myself out if I need to and then back to my comfy spot!

There are a few other things in my new home that aren’t negotiable either. Despite growing up with my Mum and Bro, I don’t do other dogs. My foster people are working on my reactivity and walk me in a Halti, but I will need a home without any other pets and with people who understand my reactivity and accept working with it. People however, I love them all! Young, old, small and big – I will happily live with them all!

And well we all know SHAMROQ has this thing about us dogs being safe in our new homes, and I am no exception. So, I will need fences that are 6ft with no way to dig out underneath. But if I am inside in my happy place, chances are I won’t be trying to get out anyways…Seems like a long profile huh, but it’s not too complicated what I am searching for in my Furever home.

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