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LUNA has found her furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Luna!!

I don't howl at the Moon, people - I AM the Moon! Well, goddess of the Moon according to ancient Roman myth at least, anyway. My name is apt because, like the tides are drawn to the moon, people are drawn to me, and me to them. People are the centre of my world - kids especially!

I grew up with 9 children - yep, 9 of those little gems, and now when I see young people out on my walks, my face lights up, my feet start dancing and my tail just can't stop waggin'. So, in my new home, I would be happiest in a family that has some. Of course, like any dog, I should be supervised with small children and they should know things like not climbing all over me or interrupting me at dinner time - that's just Dog Owners' 101 really.

I've lived with other pets in the past - dogs and cats. Lately I've decided that I rule the roost and prefer to be the one and only. I tend to be a bit of a bully with other dogs so would prefer to be your only canine. I tend to lose my manners in dog parks, so I best not go to those either. Cat are ok - fun to chase if they run away from me, though, but I can live with them as long as they have their own safe space away from me should I decide it's play time! I'm very interested in birds that land in my yard, so best you don't have any of those that I can get to.

At home I would be happiest where I could be inside when you are, and have someone home more often than not. I'll be ok out in the yard for some of the day if you need to go out though, but fences should be 6ft and secure to stop me finding my own adventures. I have these types of fences now and don't even bother trying to get out. One other thing you'll learn is that I like routine. I'll make sure to remind you gently when it's walk or food time.

I'm sounding pretty good, huh? And that's because I am. I'm one of the sweetest you'll ever meet. We all have our faults though and so all my cards are on the table, here are some of mine. Although not my fault, I did have a pretty rough start to life that has left me with some mental scars that I need help to get over. I'm terrified of hoses, water and men yelling at me. SHAMROQ will give you some tips though so you can help me get over it. I know with love, time and patience that I can learn to totally trust again.

If you can give me the world, then I am happy to give you the Moon.

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