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PANA has found his furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Pana!


Weird name, huh? Yeah I see you thinking that, but you see ‘Pana’ is a Venezuelan word meaning buddy or pal, and well ain’t nothing closer to the truth when you are talking about me! You see as far as I am concerned everyone is a friend of mine. I love all people big and small and what I love even more is other dogs who can play Husky style! I am looking for just the perfect new home and whilst my list is quite broad, there are a few things that I must insist on. The first thing is attention. I love it and if I don’t get it then I will quite happily let you know that I feel you need to work on it. I would be happy with any people, even kids, but perhaps not real little ones only because sometimes my play style can be a little, well, typically Husky tussle. I am very strong on lead and us Arctics are bred to pull, so you should also be prepared for that. I will want at least one walk a day you know.

I have lived as an only dog and spent most of time on the lounge with my foster people. They had Foxtel! So, if I was to be a one and only dog, then I would need people who had lots of time to dedicate to me. On the other hand, I would also be quite happy if I could share a home with a doggy play mate, someone around my size, who enjoyed some good rough and tumble. I have not been tested with cats and for their safety, if you were to have any, they should have their own totally separate area away from my keen arctic nose…The SHAMROQ girls insist on safe homes for us, and while I plan to spend most of my time inside where you are, they will want to make sure the fences are safe and secure. I reckon they would be ok with anything 5ft and over with no large gaps underneath.

Ok so I do have one thing that needs working on, apart from the whole standard Husky stuff you just learn to deal with, and that is that I really don’t like the car. It worries me, so for everyone’s safety it is best if I have a secure cage, crate or locked back section of a ute to travel in. But hey, walks are great, I am happy to walk anywhere!I ain’t gonna lie, I am a catch and well someone had better snap me up quick! Everyone could use more friends in this life and well I promise I will be one of the best you could ever have!

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