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CARLTON has found his furrytail ending!!

Special fella Carlton was lucky enough to stay put with his foster parents, Louise & Bruce and big sister and previous SHAMROQ adoptee, Myshka.

Happy furrytail ending, Carlton!

Carlton sounds like such a refined and distinguished name. Buuuuuttttt if you thought that, you’d be wrong! Instead meet this Carlton! I am a pocket-sized whirlwind of activity and all-round typical Husky fun. When I said I am small, I mean like half-of-a-normal sized Husky small. But good things come in little packages, right? So, to keep me safe and contained in the yard at home, I will need secure 5ft plus fences with no gaps that I can squeeze through. In saying that though, when I came into care the outside world was a very scary thought and I refused to leave my foster home, not even to go on walks. That all changed with some gentle persuasion and meeting my Husky foster brother. Having another dog for company has really brought me out of my little shell, given me confidence and a new leash on life (get it??). In my new home a doggy partner in crime is non-negotiable. They must have no off-switch like me and play 24/7! Cats and other small pets are only good to chase, so my new home will have to be dog people only. Despite being petite, I have a fair bit of energy to burn and I tend to run everywhere, ain’t no one got time to walk!! Therefore small, loose items may be collateral damage in my wake, this includes small children. For that reason, I would be best suited to home with no children, or at least children over 10-ish. Now that I have the confidence to go out in the big bad world (with my fur-sibling as backup of course) I really enjoy my walks and currently get 2 a day. But I would be happy to let you off with 1 and spend the rest of the day playing at home. I still get a little worried and anxious about some things, baths and car rides in particular, but I have come so far in a short period of time and the only way is up!

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