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GHOST has found his furrytail ending!!

We are thrilled to announce that Ghost has found his furever home with one of the extended SHAMROQ family. You see, Brenden & Sharon have adopted from us previously and when they lost their gorgeous Mally boy, Kavik to heart failure recently, they and their girl, Gizmo were beside themselves.

Ghost has been just what they need and they've been just what he needed too! The big, affectionate goofball has taken up residence on their couch and we hear that he's proudly sporting a Maroons bandanna today!

Happy furrytail ending, Ghost!


Ghosts aren't always mean & scary, you know. Sometimes we aren't the chase you out of our haunted house kinda guys you tell stories about at Halloween. Typically, we're the follow you around the house, sleep by your feet kind! So don't be scared about having your very own Ghost! In fact, I think you should think about getting one - this one right here! You see, due to circumstances out of my control I'm on the look out for a new home and I know that I'm gonna have a few good ones to choose from. So here goes with what I'll be looking for. Please read carefully as I'll be testing you on it for your interview.

People. I will need awesome people. There can be one or there can be a whole group of 'em! I've attended many a youth festival and quite enjoy lots of pats and loving from the young ones but, like all dogs, kids should know to respect my size and allow me to have my own space if I need it. Loud noises and skateboards can also give me a fright sometimes.

Doggy friends. If my new people can't be with me most of the time, and have to go to that work place they all talk so much about then I'll need another doggy friend. I currently happily share my home with a male Kelpie so I'll be looking for another playful dog medium sized or larger. I haven't been exposed to small pets and cats so if they live in the house, they'll need to be able to be kept securely separate.

Secure fences. Whilst this Ghost prefers to hang at home inside with my people, if you have to put me outside in the yard (much to my protest) then it must have secure fences over 5ft with no large gaps underneath. As soon as you come home though, you better open that door so I can resume my favourite spot inside by you!

Lots of fun and adventure. I really do love my daily walks, runs and trips to the dog park. Being inside the house is my favourite place but everyone needs to get out once in awhile! So, if you're thinking of adding me to your family, make sure you're prepared to have some fun together!!

Time and understanding. This new move is a big one for me, It's a little scary going out on your own in the big wide world. I will need people who are willing to be patient and let me settle in and work with my anxiety in a new home. Things like rescue remedy and routines work a treat!

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