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KHAN has found his furrytail ending!!

We knew that Khan's cat-friendliness would be a drawcard, and sure enough, he's now happily settled in a new home with a kitty friend. Sue & Gary were the lucky humans to welcome Khan into their family. Our thanks go to foster Mum, Pamela, who cared for him so well while he waited for his new people to find him.

Happy furrytail ending, Khan!

In the ancient times of faraway Asian lands of Mongolia, the warrior rulers were given the name 'Khan'. It let the people know that this person was their chief and commander in uncertain and often brutal times. Fast forward nearly 800 years and, well, now Khan just refers to me. A big, boofy, one-dog only Malamute man looking for his own kingdom to rule! Anyone who knows Malamutes knows we own the house, right? You just live in it!

A man of my age is set in my ways. Yes, you can sometimes teach a middle-aged (not old!) dog new tricks, but we know what we like and tend to be quite stubborn about changing our habits. Again, it's a Malamute thing! I enjoy being the centre of your world - your one and only. Other dogs aren't welcome around my home and I'm not the kind of boy you take to the dog park or off-lead area. I'll insist on a stroll in the cooler part of the day most days of the week, and bonus points if I get a ride in the car too!

In my kingdom, I'll insist on being inside the castle most of the time. Sure, I enjoy the odd sunbake out in the yard or to sniff the afternoon breeze, but I also equally love my indoors time with my people. Speaking of people, they are my favourite things in the world, only just slightly valued more than food! I must be allowed to eat my food in peace and for that reason I won't be suitable for a home with young children under 12.

This Malamute is a homebody. I have minimal intentions of trying to take over the neighbouring kingdoms, so secure fences of around 5ft should be enough to keep me happily contained. Despite my no other dogs rule, I do currently share my home with a ruler of the feline variety and so far our understanding of who rules what seems to be working well.

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