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BERRY has found his furrytail ending!

Cat-friendly Huskies are always in high demand so it was no surprise that we were inundated with applications to adopt Berry. Dan was the lucky one who got to take Berry home as a new friend for his rescued Greyhound, Skip. And we're pleased to report that the cats have accepted Berry's presence too, even if they are a little annoyed that he keeps stealing their food!

Our gratitude goes to foster Dads, Scott & Jeff, who took such fabulous care of him during his stay with them.

Happy Furrytail ending, Berry!

Raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, blueberry, strawberry...everyone loves berries, right? And here's one more to add to the list - HuskyBerry!! I should mention though that Husky berries are rare. There's only a handful of us around and we're very popular and highly sought after!

First off, I am 'Berry' lovable! I love a good cuddle and some quality time with my people! I use the term people in the broad sense of the word. They can be little, big, blue or purple - all the same to me! I have been in homes with people of all ages and love them all! Do keep in mind that Husky bounciness is a genetic thing, so keep an eye on me around any little ones.

I am also 'Berry' social. I was raised by people from 2 weeks of age and have grown up with cats, other dogs and even chicken and ducks! This makes me 'Berry' unique when it comes to the usual prey drive us Huskies can have.

i"m known to play with the cute little baby duckies - they're so fluffy!! So just keep an eye on me with little things just in case I accidentally get a little too excited, but I can promise that I didn't mean it. Being so social, it's preferable that I have another medium or large playful dog at home to keep me young and on my toes.

If you were to ask me to tell you a bit more about me, I'd say that I am 'Berry' adventurous. I love my daily walks and weekend trips in the car to find exciting new adventures at the beach or the parks far afield. I've always been housed within 6ft wooden fences and never shown too much interest in escaping, but it's untested if anything lower would be suitable.

There's only one issue with being this special - I'm no doubt going to be 'Berry' popular! Please understand that, despite all my wonderful qualities, I am still a Husky. I don't do off lead exercise in unfenced areas and I'm just a goofball at heart. Getting to this age, I have a few little things popping up, like my eyes are a little hazier than they used to be, but it's not out of the ordinary and doesn't slow me down one little bit.

And here is the 'Berry' most important thing you need to know, and that is how to join in on my group of admirers.

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