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RAVEN has found her furrytail ending!

We can't say that we're all that surprised by this foster-failure, only that it took so long! Nerrida, Brad, Ebony and their Huskies, Raskus & Chinook have been down the SHAMROQ foster-failure path before, with their previous foster dog, Snow. We didn't think that they were really looking to take on another permanent member of their sledding team when they took puppy, Raven under their wing...but some dogs just have a way of making themselves at home!

Anyone who regularly attends the Northern Exposure Gig Racing Club Inc. races will have seen little Raven grow from a gangly pup into a stunningly unique looking and valued member of the team.

Happy furrytail ending, Raven!

What do you get when you mix a Malamute, Boxer, Amstaff and Border Collie? Well, you get meeeee!!! You see, one of my parents (for the purpose of this story, let's say Mum) was a majestic Alaskan Malamute. Flowing hair and the beauty & strength of an Amazon goddess. Sure, she was headstrong and stubborn, but also was noble with a hint of cheek.

She fell for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. There was nothing purebred about him - he had a mixed heritage of muscle, working class lines with some goofiness and charisma at the same time. There was just something about him. Imagine the story of Jack & Rose in Titanic, if you will...without the icebergs and stuff.

From my Mother I've inherited my bounciness and love of rough play at my tender young age. For this reason, I won't be suitable for any small children in case I accidentally knock them over.

But any children school-aged or older will be fine. She also gave me these ears which, as a tender pre-pubescent female, I hope to grow into!! If not then all the better to hear you and maybe ignore you with. That's the Malamute genes too!

I should point out that I've been taught some obedience in my foster home. I know how to sit and wait for my dinner until I'm allowed to eat. Being in a house with 3 rowdy Huskies, it's every pup for themselves at dinner time! I'm fed separately to prevent issues, At night I have my very own crate to sleep in and will happily curl up beside my foster sister if she lets me!

My Dad's mixed genes have brought me lots of good traits! I'm social with all I meet, though I haven't met a cat yet so I can't promise anything there. I must however have at least one other fur sibling who will play with me - that's non-negotiable! I have not yet shown any desire to escape but am currently within solid 5ft fences.

I'm still a baby so my mind has plenty more learning to do! I eat my dinner from a green feeder to make me think and enjoy food puzzles and toys. The possibilities are endless! It's not just my mind that needs regular exercise, but I get lots of walks and plays at the local dog park to keep me fit and energetic!

I'm not really sure what breed you could call me, and I won't pretend to be a designer dog by any means. But I'm loving and fun and the perfect addition to any family that can meet my needs.

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