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QUINCY has found his furrytail ending!!

Yep, you guessed it...another story of a foster dog who settled in so well that he's become a permanent member of the pack! Ash & Coral and their Husky boys, Ari & Floki have completed their family with the addition of Quincy.

Happy furrytail ending, Quincy!

There is a quote about us arctics that says “A lot of people are naturally drawn to our stunning looks but we are so much more than that. We are athletes, magicians, acrobats, opera singers, demolition experts and the joyfully remorseless slayers of small furry animals, frogs and birdies. We will trash your garden, empty your bank account and steal your heart….” It might be a little harsh but the gist of it will give you an idea of what life with me will be like – fast, fun, full of mischief but worthwhile and fulfilling at the same time. So how do you get on this Quincy roller coaster ride you ask? Well keep reading for my checklist of requirements.

As a young fella I have lots of energy. If you aren’t into daily walks or runs and don’t have time for weekend trips then maybe a lovable husky brat isn’t quite your thing.

My foster family introduced me to the sport of dryland sled racing recently and I had a blast! So, if you have a spare spot on your team or want to get into the sport, then hook me up! Without enough mental and physical stimulation, I have been known to take myself wandering in the past. Adventure waits for no man!! To keep me contained, I will need solid 6ft fences that can’t be dug under. A compatible doggy brother or sister will also be needed for company and play time. I don’t like the pushy bossy types though, so they will need to be about my size or larger and pretty easy going. If we are being honest with each other, the bit in the quote about remorseless slayers of small furry animals does point in my direction. I have been known to hunt a few birds and the like in the past and so won’t be able to share a home with any cats, birds or other small pocket pets. I guess what I really need is a family that is open to welcoming a whirlwind ratbag young Husky into the mix. Yes, it may have the odd challenge but I promise it will be worth it and once I am there, you will wonder how you ever lived without me. I don’t mind if there are kids to play with or not, maybe you are one of them young fit couples that likes running and stuff. Whoever you are, if you can offer me what I need, please click Apply below.

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