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ZALAH has found her furrytail ending!!

Zalah proved to be very popular indeed, but the lucky ones to take her home were Helen & Phill and their Husky boy, Noah. Our thanks go once again to the wonderful Robaldo family who have fostered quite a few dogs for us now.

Happy furrytail ending, Zalah!

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden, her eyes as blue as the brightest of summer day skies, yet her complexion as white as the newly fallen snow in the middle of the coldest winter. She was what you might call a contradiction who was just so perfect to look upon. As with every furrytail, the maiden finds trouble that she must overcome with her strength and love of adventure, and this tale is no different. Our heroine Zalah here was not content within the walls of her home, they were nowhere near the 6ft walls she needs to contain her wild spirit. So, one day she found the courage to climb the wall and was excited that she now had the whole world at her paws. Well, that was until one day her plans of freedom and adventure were foiled and she found herself locked away in the bars of the jail she heard her cell mates refer to as ‘The Pound’. It tuned out that the pound wasn’t so bad. They gave her food and let her into the small yard to play sometimes, but it wasn’t the new life she had imagined for herself. One day, peering out through the bars she heard whispers that she was getting out! She paced her cell and did some donuts and very small zoomies at the thought. And then, the cell door opened and there was a big brown male dog called Thunder. She was a little worried as the sounds the sky Thunder makes scares her. But she needn’t have worried, Thunder was there with his people and he told her that he was her new ‘SHAMROQ Foster Brother’, whatever that meant. But who cares, she was outta there!!! So off home with Thunder and his family she went. She loved it there but knew she was destined for more. Zalah knew that there was her very own home and family out there waiting for her to find them. One who had another suitable dog her size to play with, but who knew not to touch her food! She dreamt of the new family who loved adventure, walks, car rides and had a spot on the couch just for her. They would shower her with love, cuddles and more new squeaky toys than she could ever imagine. They would be fun people and if there were kids, she would love them too but she would avoid the very small ones just in case they touched her food or tugged on her collar. Neighbourhood cats would avoid her yard just in case her desires to chase kicked in. Zalah still waits patiently for her Happy Furever After, but it is so close she can feel it! She is happy to be with her foster family for now but knows her perfect forever family of her own is coming soon. It’s destiny!!

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