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CRASH has found his furrytail ending!!

At 62kg, Crash lives up to his name. He's a big brute who isn't afraid to throw his weight around! We had some trouble finding him a suitable foster home, as his reputation as a 'lovable jerk' (not uncommon in these arctic breeds that we love!) meant that he was going to be a handful for most people. He hasn't always been the friendliest to other dogs either and tried to lord it over everyone - human and canine.

We admit that when Adrian & Louisa put up their hand to foster Crash, we wondered if we were doing them a disservice by agreeing to let them have a go! They had adopted their cheeky redhead Malamute girl, Tori from us previously and we were worried that Crash might not be all that much of a gentleman....

However, to their credit, they quickly had things under control and their diligence and perseverance saw Crash & Tori become firm friends. Having spent a lot of one on one time with him (and despairing of finding the right people for him) prior to him leaving the pound, I personally couldn't be happier to see my little Crash Bandicoot in such good hands.

Happy furrytail ending, Crash!

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