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SILAS has found his furrytail ending!!

Congratulations to Natalie, Matthew and their Cattle Dog, Benji!! They've added our stunning blue-eyed hunk, Silas to their family. We're grateful to Chloe, Matt and their kids and furkids for doing such a fabulous job of fostering.

Happy furrytail ending, Silas!!

Hey, Hi, Hello. What are you doing? Wanna play? Can we go running now? Ok, I'm sorry, I don't mean to be all in your face, but I'm a full on 1 year old Husky kid and I just have so much to do and I wanna do it all right now!!

Let's just put it out there straight up - if you're looking for a nice, calm, chill out kinda dog, then best you keep looking. Because I'm a get you out of bed for a run, play all day with my fur-siblings, chew up the odd toy and then demand a dog park trip, thrill a minute kinda kid. It's funny that the name Silas has latin roots meaning "of the forest" because I reckon if you give me a go at sled dog racing out in the local forest tracks with one of the gig racing clubs and we'll both be hooked!

For both your sanity and mine, I'll need at least one other medium to large sized dog to play with at home. One who likes to play tag, bitey face and won't get annoyed when I wanna sit on them in the car or cuddle with them on the bed.

Let's strike any family cats off the list while we're talking about other pets, because I have that natural Husky prey drive and it's likely not to end well. I used to live as an only dog and was always digging my way out to go find other doggy friends. What I didn't bank on though is that I'm used to having all my food to myself, so be sure to feed me separately to others to save any scuffles. I did say I was a talented digger in my past, but now that I have not one, but two foster fur-brothers, I haven't tried it since. I will be looking for 6ft secure fences with no gaps underneath in my new home. Well when I say me, I mean the SHAMROQ ladies. They are pretty picky when it comes to the new homes us kids get.

Fur brothers and sisters are a must but I'm also good with the skin ones. I have a 4 year old skin sister and we love to just have a good play together. Any kids in my new home should be dog savvy as I have a lot of energy and need to be monitored around them, especially with food. Temptation to snatch it is just too much!

So let's wrap this up and recap what kind of new home I'm gonna need:

One with other dogs to play with, energetic and adventurous owners who aren't scared of the challenge a young Husky can bring and, above all, love and understanding (for when I accidentally chew on those favourite shoes of yours - *wink wink*).

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