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ATREYU has found his furrytail ending!!

OK, OK, we admit it...sometimes we intentionally set people up to fail. Foster-fail, that is. This delicious young fellow had had a couple of foster homes (and managed to escape a couple with his impressive contortionist moves!), but we knew just what we were doing when we sent Atreyu to the Lawson family.

Sarah & Ben adopted their Malamute, Charli from us about 4 years ago. When they lost their German Shepherd, Shadow last year, Charli was on her own for the first time and they considered fostering. While she loves her family, Charli is very wary of strangers. Atreyu, on the other hand, adores everyone! His bubbly personality is so infectious and we knew that it would provide the household with a lovely balance and also some comic relief!

While Ben firmly announced that they were 'just fostering and that's all', Atreyu had other plans and sneakily wormed his way into all of their hearts. His human brother, Riley thinks Atreyu is the bee's knees and the feeling is definitely mutual. Our special little fella has even made friends with Turbo the Ragdoll! He has certainly landed on his feet with a family that will treasure him forever.

Happy furrytail ending, Atreyu!

You may know Atreyu as the young warrior character that child Bastian reads about in the classic, The Neverending Story. Well, the time has come for this young namesake to go out into the world and also seek his true destiny and find adventure. No battles have ever been won alone though - family and friends are a warrior's best ally. This is where you come in.

On my new adventure, I must have a Falkor. A very best canine friend who I can be myself with. One who can match me in size and love of play, and join me on adventures to the dog park and other fun places. There are no cat-like characters in the Neverending Story, so there should be none in mine either unless we can be kept safely separate. Bastian brought me to life in the Neverending Story, and at home children have that effect on me too.

I love kids of school-age or older who love to play with me in the yard and just hang out. All warriors need some rest to recharge, and my favourite place to do that is by my peoples' feet as they sit down to watch evening TV.​Adventures must be chosen carefully, and at my tender age I don't always make the wisest decisions. To keep me from finding my own solo adventures and getting into trouble in places like the Swamps of Sadness, I'll need secure 6ft Sphinx Gate and fences with nothing against them to give me a leg-over.​With being the Southern Oracle for such a young mind comes great responsibility. I'm full of energy and adventure so will be best suited to a family that has lots of time, energy, love and guidance to give me. I could keep going on and on but then it would become the Neverending Story (ahhhhhh-ahhhhhhhh-ahhhhh....)​

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