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BIGGIE has found his furrytail ending!!

We were overwhelmed by the number of applications for this impressive-looking man...great quality applications too - many from previous adopters, foster carers and other people well-known to SHAMROQ. It was going to be a tough decision!

However, shortly after we made Biggie available for adoption, his foster carers noticed a suspicious lump on his neck. Blood tests revealed an unusually high white cell count so, to be on the safe side, we had the lump removed immediately. Biggie's adoption was put on hold while he recovered and more blood tests were scheduled for the following month.

The longer that he stayed with foster carers, Aben & Lauren while he awaiting the all-clear, it became apparent that perhaps he'd already found his home. So gentle with their little girl and already bonded with their Malamute, Lala (and even their cat, Disney!), it wouldn't have been fait to uproot him again. We were humbled by the lovely responses that we had from the other applicants when we let them know that he was staying put. Everyone was truly thrilled for him that he'd found his happily ever after somewhere that was already comfortable and familiar to him.

Happy furrytail ending, Biggie!

"Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see?

Sometimes your woos just hypnotise me

And I just love your floofy ways

Guess that's why we want your happy all your days"

You've clearly seen my stunning adoption profile photos here - the smile on my face, the wind blowing my glorious coat - and you've thought "wow, what a stunning, happy dog'. Well you see, behind this smile I hide my pain and my eyes have quite a story to tell.

I am not the Notorious BIG, but I have spent half of my life as a cash cow in a notorious puppy farm. I was kept in a confined space with one purpose in life - to make my master money. Of course, I had it better than the girl dogs there, but life still wasn't rosy. I tried to befriend the constant stream of people that came, but they always walked by my yard to where all the little baby dogs were.

On one hand I was sad that I was once again left behind, with little to no human interaction and with no idea of what lay outside the walls of the property, but on the other I was happy that those little ones got to go have a proper dog's life with their new families. One day when I was 4, a family came to get a puppy but they were in between litters and the family wanted to go home with a new dog. They spied me and, after many wishes upon stars, I got to leave the big fences and go home with a family! You'd think all this time fending for myself would make me tough and a little bitter, but you see that's just not in my nature. The big teddy bear you see before you is the big teddy bear that you get. What my experiences have done though is make me a bit scared of things like loud noises, waving items like brooms and also men. I do come around, but it just takes some time and a gentle hand.

Everyone who meets me just can't get over what a softie I am. I get along with pretty much every dog that I meet. I'm not into the loud, in-your-face ones but I will have the odd play when I'm feeling silly. I've decided that in my new home I must have a doggy companion. They should be medium sized or larger due to my size, and they must be happy to have a mate to chill out with. I've even met a cat recently and, while I was interested in them, I didn't think to chase them. But, of course, any interactions with cats will need to be monitored.

The SHAMROQ ladies can't get over how easygoing I can be. I will happily live within 4ft secure fences and have no interest in going over or under them - just don't leave any outside gates or doors open because I get scared if I realise I'm on my own and I'll run! I try not to act like a sook but I just can't help it sometimes and when you're pottering around the house you'll turn around and I'll be right there behind you. I'll need a home where I'm allowed inside and have a family who understands my past and that what I really need is love, affection and reassurance. I don't mind children, but maybe not so much the little ones - only because I can be a big goof and loud noises scare me.

I'm sorry for the essay, peeps, but you see I'm both such a simple fella and a complex guy all at the same time. If you can give me all the affection and love you have to give, I promise I'll give you all that and more in return. The SHAMROQ ladies know I'm going to be popular, but are also on the hunt for the perfect home for me, given my not-so-perfect start to life. To be the Smalls to my Biggie, please click Apply below.

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