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MAX has found his furrytail ending!!

Our lucky last fluffy friend to find a home in 2018 was Max. This lucky boy will be showered with love and attention by the O'Shea family forevermore. Thank you to his foster peeps, the Prout family, who gave him such excellent care during his time with them.

Happy furrytail ending, Max!

Yo, Sir Max-A-Lot here, coming to you from my temporary crib in the hood of Bris-Vegas, northside – ooohhh yyyeeeaaaahhhhh…. You would know me from my hit back in the day, Baby Got Fluff. Yeah alright homies, it was a few back now, but there is still plenty of life still in this dawg. In sayin that, I think retirement from the gangsta rapper life is where I’m at. I still got the howl goin on, don’t worry bout that! Life is far less bugg’n these days. It is all naps, pats and the odd car ride down to the brook to holla at the fly b*tches with my homeboy foster bro. I ain’t all high maintenance these days like I used to be. I am not so much into straying no more, so secure 4ft fences will stop me thinking about bouncin’.

My homies used to always talk about Maxin, which is our lingo for chillin, so it’s kinda fitting that is what I like to do at home with my homeboy foster bro. I am not into playing or any of that young dawg stuff, but the company is sweet. That is unless he tries to lift my food, no dawg better be tryin that! I can’t say I have met one of them cats, might be better for kitty if it stays that way just in case I happen to open a can of whoop-ass on em.

There are only a few things that get me trippin out, and it is mostly loud noises like Thunder. Ain’t nothing wrong with a big fella like me taking cover under the table alright! Might be from all them hood drive-bys back in the day. I won’t want to be inside my crib all the time, but will want to chill with you and rest of the crew at night. Little peeps don’t bother me too much, I live with 2 teenage guys these days and I am easy for them to take out cruisin the hood on lead. Any young kids should know not to come near me when I have food but. So what do you say? Are you hooked and can’t stop staring?

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