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DEXTER has found his furrytail ending!!

StartFragmentSome dogs just find their own destiny without too much help from us! Dexter was originally in our assisted rehoming program, meaning that we were advertising him for adoption on his owner's behalf. In order to do this, we rely on the talents of our affiliated photographers. Danni from Happy Flying Dog Photography was the one to generously take Dexter's photos for us. When the deadline loomed for Dexter's owner to move overseas, Danni remembered meeting this beautiful boy at the photo shoot and kindly offered to foster him. She and her partner Brad took impeccable care of Dexter and even introduced him to dryland sledding, at which he excelled with those long lanky legs of his! Although they toyed with the idea of adopting him themselves, the temptation of their cats was too much for Dexter. However, Brad's cousin, Tyron visited regularly and found himself thinking more and more about how Dexter might like to come and live with him...and the rest is history! So our heartfelt gratitude goes to Danni & Brad for being such fantastic foster parents and finding a way to keep Dexter in the family.

Happy furrytail ending, Dexter!EndFragment

StartFragmentD is for dog. Well duh of course it is. It is also for Dexter!! That would be me. Lovable, goofy, hundred mile an hour Dexter! I am on the lookout for that perfect new home, do you think maybe that could be you? E is for energy, like any young husky I have plenty of it to go around. I proudly take my person on a 3 km walk daily so that our days start just right. I always make sure there is a minimum 10,000 steps on my fit bit! Wanna go for more walks or maybe even the odd run? No worries lets do it!! Don’t forget to take me the beach or the local doggy swimming spot either. Put me on my long lead and watch me practice my doggy paddle with the best of ‘em. X is for eXcitable. (Yeah, yeah, you try find a decent word starting with X). I am well known for being enthusiastic about a lot of things and just can’t contain my excitement! I bound around with a smile from ear to ear whenever something gets me going. For that reason, I am not suited to very young children or the elderly because I would hate to knock them over by mistake. T is for togetherness and that is just the way I like us to be. You won’t lose me around the house, no siree, because look behind you and there I am. I will need a home where I can be inside with you to curl up and keep up with which MAFS person is now married to who. I don’t mind some outdoors time if you need to go to work, but fences will need to be secure and around about 6ft tall to keep me safe and contained until you return. E is for easy going. Well as easy going as a husky gets, we all have a certain level of craziness!! I have lived with another large dog and we got along just fine. Unless of course she touched my bone, I don’t share those! I get along with most other dogs that I meet as long as they are medium sized or larger. Small ones have too much attitude and are fun to chase. The same goes with cats, I won’t be compatible with those guys either. For the past year I have been an only dog, and you know what, I don’t mind all the attention to myself either as long as you are home with me a bit and involve me in your every day life (hint hint – take me on car rides!) R is for rare. Yep, you ain’t never had a friend like me! Sure I have some quirks and some things scare me like loud noises, storms and crowds. But with you there to keep me safe and reassure me, I will put my big boy pants on and get through it! EndFragment

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