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BOBSLED has found his furrytail ending!!

StartFragmentThis delicious little boy has found his forever home with Mikaela & Josh, their Staffy x Ridgeback and their kittycats. Big thanks to foster carers, Linda & Paul and Holly & Josh for taking such fabulous care of him.

Happy furrytail ending, Bobsled!EndFragment

StartFragmentFunny name huh, yeah yeah well people have a funny sense of humour sometimes, and us loyal lovable furkids are the ones that have to deal with it! You can call me Bobby for short and we will all be happy. Ok so I sound a little cranky don’t I, but really, I am your typical young, happy go lucky, bouncy Husky. My introduction to other dogs early in life was a little rough and I copped a bit of a hammering. But being the kind little ginger that I am, I am trying to forgive and forget. I can still be quite choosy with my doggy companions as a result, so I will only settle for a home with a medium to large laid-back female dog, or one where it can be all about me. With proper introductions and 'safe' zones for kitty I may just have the ability to live with a cat. But kids, oh yes kids I love them, especially when they are at that fun age where they are school aged or older and love to play, chase and just spend time together. They will need to be able to handle the odd jump up if my excitement carries me away a little too much. Of course, I would love a home where my people are home lots, but it’s OK if you have to go out and leave me. I will be fine back at home with standard secure 5-6ft fences. I will expect that you take me out and about for car rides next time to make up for it though. If you want to get in shape or need some motivation to get out there and hit the pavement, consider it done as I must insist on daily walks. I currently do 3 to 4km a day with my foster people and that is my favourite time of the day. You can clear your head, take in the new sights and smells and just be together. Oh and it’s good for the heart too, 10,000 steps a day and all! Oh and swimming, don’t get me started on how fun that is! OK so have I painted you a picture that I am a young, sweet family guy? Good, that was the aim! I am also a fun and happy go lucky kind of guy and life with me would be one wild ride (Bobsled, get it?? Guess it’s not such a bad name after all then). EndFragment

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