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SKYLA has found her furrytail ending!!

StartFragmentOur pretty girl has landed on her feet with Melissa & Dustin and their little Staffy lady, Aurora. Our thanks go to the Stone family for fostering Skyla and taking such fantastic care of her while she waited for her new family to come along.

Happy furrytail ending, Skyla!EndFragment

StartFragmentYep it’s that time again, adoption profile time!! And once again it has become apparent that the author behind my short biography here is having a mental blank. So here comes that old chestnut, Urban Dictionary. Once again, we have consulted our online oracle, and they have provided. How do they do that? Anywho…. “Skyla's are generally insecure. But a Skyla is also a very fun person to be around. They are loud and hyper and light up the entire room with a simple smile. People normally find a Skyla naturally funny.”……. Being left at the pound will do that to a girl like me, but my foster family have shown me love and I am starting to leave all of that behind. I often play the clown at home and my reward is the sweet laughter of my people. Little people laughter is the best, but they should be school aged or older to withstand my moments of craziness. Hyper is a natural arctic trait in us young ones, and to keep me safe and secure at home I will need 6ft fences that can’t be dug under. “If you meet a Skyla get to know her she will be a great friend sometimes they come across as mad or like they don't like you but don't judge by that set down and get to know her.” ……Well that is almost true, ‘cept I have never hated anyone or anything. Oh maybe that dog that picked on me at the dog park and I gave a piece of my mind! All other dogs that are nice to me are instantly friends, and I will need to have a doggy brother or sister at home to match my high activity levels and love of rough arctic play. Ah yeah cats too, I don’t hate them but they are fun to chase and stuff so keep them at a safe distance. “Everyone thinks she a dramatic little princess but really she is sweet and funny. She doesn’t need Mountain Dew to go crazy cuz she is (in a good way). “….. Let’s not beat around the bush here, I am active and love life. I need daily walks or runs and don’t really have an off switch. I will happily settle by you to catch up on who the Honey Badger picks on the Bachelor every week though. Gotta love me a bit of the Badge! “Skyla's are wonderful, quizzical people. There are not enough Skyla's in the world.”…. EndFragment

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