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LUNA has found her furrytail ending!!

StartFragmentLuna was part of our assisted rehoming program and although she was very loved, her owner was facing some serious health issues that would no longer allow her to care for Luna. We took on the task of finding Luna someone who would adore her as much as her Mum did, and still does. Little did we know, Luna's new family waiting in the wings was already known to us. The Br...adshaws adopted their Husky, Penny from us earlier this year. Along with Penny and their Malamute, Elsa (plus the cats and horses too!), the family has welcomed Luna into the fold and given her a permanent home. They've even kindly offered to stay in touch with Luna's previous owner, who was devastated to have to rehome her, but comforted by her new home being such a good match.

Happy furrytail ending, Luna!EndFragment

StartFragmentHello folks, Luna here. Luna as in the Moon, not as in Luna-tic!! Oh ok maybe a little, I am a Husky after all. I have been the centre of my Hu-mum’s world for the past 5 years, but sadly her health means the best thing for me is to let her rest and get better and move on to a new family that has the energy to keep up with me. Don’t be too sad for me, cos you know what? Now I can paw-pick the very best family to call my own. The number one thing I am looking for is company. That can be the company of another playful doggy brother or sister or company of the kids over 5 who can play with me all day long. Whichever it is, I will need some sort of company for most of day. Cats don’t make my list unfortunately, they are a little too much fun to chase! I am good with some small dogs, but they might be best left as dog park friends. The next thing on my checklist is an active lifestyle. If Huskies could wear gym clothes I would have a Lorna Jane loyalty card! My daily walk is very important to me, and hey if we swing by the dog park on the way home then even better. I like to mix it up with a bike ride, run or weekend hike from time to time too. All on lead of course. I treat my brain like a muscle that needs flexing too, and my favourite way to do this is with treat puzzles and enrichment toys. Sometimes my love of adventure might get the better of me and I have been known to dig under the odd fence. So, my new home should have digproof secure fences with a height of around 6ft. I will also be making sure that might new people allow me inside to spend time with them when I choose and when storms are around, but I am also happy to sleep outside on my own bed at night too. What do you say?EndFragment

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