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RAMBO (now Kobah) has found his furrytail ending!!

Rambo & his brother, Hunter ended up at the pound as unclaimed strays together, but continued their journeys separately, going to two different foster homes. They then managed to get adopted within only a few days of each other!

When Leanne & her family laid eyes on Rambo, their grief at losing their Husky, Mishka after 14 years, was still extremely raw. However, this family was keen to continue the legacy of love they gave to Mishka by bestowing it upon another dog in need. Rambo, now named Kobah, was the lucky recipient of that adoration and he has certainly landed on his feet in his new abode.

Happy furrytail ending, Kobah!

Let's get one thing straight first up, this Rambo is a lover not a fighter. No hand to hand combat or guerilla warfare skills here! I don't even think much of this bitey face game other Huskies keep yapping on about. You only get so many breaths in this life, who wants to waste them with all that nonsense. I'd much rather kick back in the sun, legs in the air and take in the rays and feel the breeze where my manhood used to be.

In saying that, walk time is fun. Not so much for the exercise component, more for the getting out and about, taking in all the smells and clearing the mind. I do enjoy a good walk most days, but there's no need to think about taking up marathons or any of that ridiculousness. Weekends are for family time and adventures. I will insist that I have a family that likes to include their dogs in family activities. Bonus points if that adventure includes any type of swimming!

This whole spiel makes me sound a bit like a couch potato. Sure, I can be, especially in the evening when it's family time. I enjoy a good sitcom or a bit of trashy reality TV. But please oh please do not make me sit through that Pointless game show. It's pointless, alright!! There's still Husky blood running through these veins though, so I'll need 5-6ft secure fencing to be on the safe side in case I try to jump and go wandering. I can't be trusted off-lead in unfenced areas either.

As I said before, I'm a lover not a fighter. I love people, most other dogs my size and kids. Kids are great fun. They should be school-aged or older though because I may jump up from time to time in excitement. I can either take or leave another dog in the home. If you're home more often than not then I don't mind being the only dog. All the more treats for me! But if you plan to go to work or anything then I'd like another dog as company. Not to play or do that silly stuff but just to lie around and chew the fat. You'll need to feed us separately though as my food is my most treasured possession in all the world! My cat history is unknown but that may just be where the Rambo in me comes out so let's avoid any of those.

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