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AMBER has found her furrytail ending!!

Chloe & Daniel have welcomed Amber into their home as a new sister for their little senior Jack Russell x Cattle Dog, Sparky and kittycat, Archie. They say she's an amazing girl and has fit in perfectly. Look at that cheeky little face and you'll understand why they've fallen head over heels for her.

We thank her foster family, the Prouts, for taking such loving care of our spritely little lass until her forever family came along.

Happy furrytail ending, Amber!!

Good evening Petals! Miss Amber here looking for the perfect couch and bed combo for this little black duck (or red dog, same thing). Have you ever met an older lady, short, slightly rotund with red hair? Remember how they were fun, quirky and knew just what they wanted? Well if that person was a dog, that would be me! When I said I knew just what I wanted, I wasn’t kidding! My world really revolves around a few very simple, yet equally important things: The couch, the bed, the bowl, the lead and the human hand for belly rubs. Simples. OK, so maybe the SHAMROQ ladies will insist on a few other minor details, but if you have my checklist covered, then you’re in! Sure, I am in my golden years but I still have lots of love to give.

I am one of those few Huskies that are cat and small dog friendly. I have lived with both in the past and to be honest, I think I kind of like the smaller dogs to the bigger ones. I don’t have an issue living with a bigger one, but the smaller easy-going ones get me. No one is perfect, and I do have a sneaky habit of chasing the odd possum and other vermin. I mentioned that food is one of those things that I worship. Sometimes maybe a little too much. My previous owners have mentioned that I may get a little possessive over my food bowl, so I won’t be suitable to a home with any small children. I currently live with 2 teenage boys and I am the perfect lady around them. Ladies of my age have earned the very best comforts in life. And boy when I discovered people beds and lounges, I vowed never again to accept anything less. Well you wouldn’t, would you? For that reason, I must have a home where I can be inside with my people an am allowed on the furniture. They didn’t call it fur-niture for nothing did they. I do have a history of storm phobia, so make sure I am home with you should any of those scary things be forecasted. I had a history of escaping in my younger days, but as I age it gets a little harder. As long as fences are safe and secure and around 5ft we shouldn’t have a problem. I don’t plan on spending much time outdoors anyway but am ok out there if you need to go out for a bit. Well, enough about me. What about you? Do you have an Amber sized empty spot by you on the couch that needs filling?

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