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MAX has found his furrytail ending!!

Max's owners were very sad to have to find him a new home, but it was a selfless decision based on the belief that he deserved a family with more time to spend with him.

They were thrilled when Skye & Chad applied to adopt Max. With Skye working and studying from home, Max now has company all the time and with two little girls to lavish love and attention upon him, he's become the central figure of their household.

Happy furrytail ending, Max!

*ASSISTED REHOMING* Hello everypawdy!! For those of you who don’t know me, my fancy name is Suthanlites Lite Beam, but you can call me Max for short. Like a ray of light I promise to brighten up your day with my cheeky husky ways and clown like antics. Yes even an older fella like myself can turn on the charm. Circumstances have led to me looking for a new forever family, and you know what, that is OK with me. Of course I will miss my old people, but now I have the chance to spell out exactly what creature comforts I am looking for and accept nothing but the best. So what is on my list you ask? Well here goes: I would like a home with no other pets. Yep you heard me, I want you all to myself! All your pats, cuddles, hugs and dropped food is all miiiinnnnneeee. That includes cats and other pockets pet too while we are at it. I have lived with other dogs but don’t share toys and food so well. Skin kids are ok, I will handle them, they drop lots of food you know! But I am bigger boned guy so no tiny ones just in case I bump them over. I currently am an outside dog. I am ok with that but I have known the creature comforts you human create inside your big kennels, so I would be more than happy to spend some time with you in there too. I will be happy enough in the yard during the day though and haven’t shown any escape tendencies, but Huskies being huskies always need secure fences of around 5ft or higher. Before you leave for the day, or when you get home if you aren’t an early riser, you will need to squeeze in a 20 to 30 minute stroll for us around the neighbourhood. I am not asking for any marathon runners or power walkers. Just some time out together to keep the body fit with the exercise and the mind fit with all the scents and smells. All in all I am a pretty laid back kind of guy and well, people rock my world. I am not really asking for too much, just a loving home where I can be the integral fluffy member of the family!

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