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COLA has found her furrytail ending!!

Arctics aren't known for being 'apartment dogs', but if their family ensures that the dog is getting sufficient exercise and outside time, it can work. A large part of this success of course also hinges on having the right dog who will be happy with this arrangement!

Cola is a lady who is happy to lounge around after her daily walk and enjoys human company, so inner-city apartment living is suiting her just fine. She even goes to work with her Dad so she gets out and about and isn't bored within the same four walls.

Congratulations to Patrick & Celeste on adopting this diva and of course a very, very large thank you to her foster Mum, Cath for giving her the very best of care.

Happy furrytail ending, Cola!

What’s your drink of choice? Jack, Johnnie, Jim, or maybe a bit of big white bear? Whatever you choose, the thing in common with all of these is that they go hand in hand with Cola. And the same goes here. This Cola is the perfect mixer to any number of families. Like my namesake, I am sweet and well slightly addictive. I have a lovable nature and people rock my world. Ok, so maybe I also have a streak of diva here too, but at least I can admit it. I have a big, boofy foster brother, and for the most part we get along just fine. Unless he touches my food or toys, brothers are so annoying when they do that! Should my new home have another dog, they will need to be medium sized or larger and pretty laid back. We should also be fed separate. Should there be no other furkids in the family, I will be happy to be showered with 100% of your love and affection. What I won’t be able to share with are small dogs and cats though. I have been around lots of different people, old ones and young ones. I would be best suited to children school aged or older. With my Diva ways, I don’t care much for runs or too much exercise. A moderate daily walk and the odd weekend hike would be just right. I will take car rides all day long though! Whichever family I choose, they will have a special spot for me right by them on the couch. I can’t much be bothered to escape these days. I currently live in standard 6ft wooden fences, but the couch is a little too comfy. As long as your fences are secure and 5ft or higher, that should be enough to keep me contained. I do still have the unavoidable arctic genes to contend with, so offlead walking in unfenced areas will always be a No No.

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