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BAYMAX has found his furrytail ending!!

Congrats to Angie & Jamie on the addition of this big guy to their household. They say that they can't imagine their family without him in it now!

Our gratitude goes to the Kershaw family for fostering Baymax until his perfect people came along, and to Sonya & Chris, who kindly sponsored him during his time with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Baymax!!

Ever seen Big Hero 6 and thought "Gee, I'd like my very own Baymax"? Well there's no need to wish anymore - here I am!! For those of you who may not have seen the movie, Baymax is a friendly, giant inflatable robot who is the main character's healthcare companion. I may not be able to change your band-aids, diagnose your ailments or collect your cough medicine, but I can provide you with warm, fluffy cuddles and lots of laughter. Laughter is the best medicine, after all!

In order to have your very own Baymax, what do you need? One of the main things is a love of adventure. I'm not one to want to laze around alone all day. I want to be with you out and about exploring the neighbourhood and beyond! Bonus points should these adventures start with a ride in the car.

Next thing I'll need is company. I don't really like to be alone. I currently have a pocket rocket Husky foster sister and we play every chance that we get! Zoomies, tug-of-war and wrestling - nothing is out of the question! It's best that any potential fur siblings be female due to my Malamute heritage...and have enough energy and size to keep up with me! Be sure to feed us separately so no one gets upset about sharing food. Cats will usually tempt me to want to chase so, should they be around, they'll need their own separate and secure area.

At home I'd like some time to be indoors for cuddles and TV but am happy in the yard during the day should you have to leave for work. I have a history of digging to escape, so fences should be a minimum of 5ft in height, secure and not able to be dug under.

If there's one thing I should mention, it's that I'm strong. I like to pull on the lead and harness all my arctic power, so I won't be suitable for a home with any small children or older family members. I'll need human companions that have large dog experience and can reign me in if I get a little excited. In saying that though, my foster people have been teaching me a lot of new tricks and obedience commands, and with some persistence and treats I'm catching on pretty quick!

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