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CASHEW (now Zara) has found her furrytail ending!!

That head tilt, those arresting eyes, those ears with a mind of their own! Is it any wonder that Dave & Tiff and their Ridgeback X Kelpie boy, Findo fell head over heels for this little lady?

The Apelt family did a fabulous job of fostering Cashew (now named Zara), giving her a great start by taking her to puppy preschool. Dave & Tiff are continuing her education and are very proud of her as she goes through the first of many obedience training programs.

Happy furrytail ending, Zara!

Hiiiiiiiiiii!!! Nice to meet you! I am Cashew and round out the vegetarian stir fry theme going on with us pups. You have already met my brother and sister Tofu and Bamboo. I am the most fun one I reckon. My foster peeps call me the white blur with teeth. Flash eat your heart out! I have perfected the look, the look that says “I see you has stuffs. I like stuffs too”. (See my top right profile pic) As in, everything you have is mine too and whatever you have I would like. This includes food, toys and well anything that can used as a toy. So, everything. This is just one the joys of welcoming a puppy to the family! For that reason, plus my speedy, toothy play, I won’t be suitable to a home with small children. As mentioned above, I am an interesting mix. One the dog ‘designers’ may call a Huskabull. But let me tell you, no one could have designed me if they tried! I have the eyes of my beautiful Husky mother and the ears and braun of my Bull terrier/Amstaff father. These 2 breeds also bring an interesting mix of energy, escape tendencies and somewhat mediocre focus. So, while we are on that topic, fences in my new home should be at least 5ft and secure with no gaps underneath, so I am covered no matter how big and clever I get. The good news is that my foster family have put me through puppy preschool and I aced it! There is still much to learn though, so my new family should be committed to continuing my training and not scared to look into doggy sports, doggy adventure days and enrichment toys. This will save some of your belongings and you can thank me later 😊 I have been living with a small dog and cat, so there are really no limitations on what my new fur brothers or sisters need to be. I should warn you though the feathered ones spark my interest a little too much. I will need another dog at home though, and it is non-negotiable that they like to play, lots! I just gotta say, any family would be lucky to have me, and I know there will be a few of you keen for you very own Huskabull.EndFragment

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