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TOFU has found his furrytail ending!!

Mitch & Luella had been keeping their eye on our Facebook page for a looooonnnnggg time, looking for the right buddy for their Husky girl, Meila. Will, they laid eyes on this little guy and decided to bring Meila to meet him at Mally Muster. The rest is history and little Tofu is now settling into his new home.

Our thanks go to his foster parents, Holly & Josh for nurturing this young man and helping him to become a well-balanced, happy, healthy pup.

Happy furrytail ending, Tofu!

Tofu can polarise people, they either love it or they hate it. Well not any more party people! This little white, silky pupperino is here to change all of that. You will all love me, just watch! My sisters and I came to SHAMROQ as 3 little ones but have since all left the nest and learning about life in the big, not so bad world with our foster families. I have a big Husky foster sister, and an old cranky cat who seems to only know how to hiss at me. How rude! Now it is time for me to choose the lucky new family who will be my furever home. I have been so lucky with my foster family. They have taught me lots of cool things and let me sleep inside in my very own bed at night and have play time in the yard during the day. They even got these little bouncy oversized rabbit looking things that come to eat grass in the front yard and chasing them is fun, but it gets me in trouble. Sorry fun police!

OK so there are still some prey drive genes here, but I would be able to have cats in my new home if we were supervised and I was taught some boundaries. Oh and make sure I can’t get to their food! I would love a home with a fur brother or sister who liked play time! My current foster sister is awesome, but a bit old and boring sometimes. Apparently playing with a crazy little puppy is not cool enough for her! My mother was known for her escape talents back in our home town, and whilst I am still just a little one, I will still need secure fences of around 5ft or more for when I grow up. I really have become accustomed to being an inside dog with the option of outside play time, and I would like that continue. This little adorable blob of Tofu is still young and very mouldable. It will be my new family’s responsibility to help me turn into the best big boofhead that I can be. I have so much more to learn and the possibilities are endless! Like any puppy, I sometimes play with things that don’t belong to me and love to destroy toys, but that is all part of the fun, right?

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