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NAKEENA (now Keeda) has found her furrytail ending!!

Well...this little lady caused quite a stir! Everywhere she went - the dog park, the Million Paws Walk, the beach - she networked her furry little butt off. Our inbox was filled with messages to the tune of, "we just bumped into Nakeena and we have to have her!"

Alas, we only had one Nakeena to find the perfect home for...and that was with the Places and their Border Collie, Pax. They say that it feels like she's always been part of the family and that she's now claimed Dad, Chris' recliner as her own chair, thank you very much!

Our gratitude goes to her wonderful foster family, the Le Muras, who did such a great job with our girl, now known as Keeda.

Happy furrytail ending, Keeda!

Heeewwwwoooooo!! My name is Nakeena, what is your name? I am told Nakeena is another word for ‘Cheeky Monkey’! At my young age I was surrendered to a regional pound and everyone meets me can’t for the life of them figure out why. You see everyone who meets me falls in love and this little wriggly puppy knows just how to wriggle into the hardest of hearts, just watch me! Being a young 'un I still have much to learn. Everyone learns differently but with me, its all about the positive experience. I already know the basics like sit and stay, but with positive reinforcement and lots of treats I could learn just about anything! I reckon I could fit in to just about any home, but the more people the merrier! I don’t mind if they are little people, big people, yellow people or purple ones, I love them all! The same goes for other pets. I am gonna have to have at least one other doggy sibling to feed my play habits. I have been around lots of other dogs and even cats and they are all furry little friends in my book. With all of that in mind, it must be said that I am a bouncy and jumpy puppy who thinks everything is a game, so I won’t be suitable to any homes with delicate pets and people or ones who won’t appreciate my joie de vie! Ya gotta join in the game or get out of my way! Speaking of that, my foster people have gotten me in the routine of a daily walk in the morning and an afternoon trip to catch up with friends at the dog park. I have gotten a taste of this active social butterfly lifestyle, and I gotta say that I like it! You will get big points with me if I get my own seat in the family car and get to go to all the family outings! I know that sometimes I might have to stay at home and that is alright. Just as long as I can be inside with you when you get home OK? I will happily stay in the yard though when you leave, as long the fences are at least 5ft high and secure. I am an arctic at heart after all! The SHAMROQ ladies tell me I am already very popular, and well duh! I am as cute as a button and just love everyone I meet. In turn, they all love me too. EndFragment

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