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ISHTAR has found her furrytail ending!!

Another lady who collected an insane number of applications was Ishtar...I mean, just look at her! This petite beauty found her furever home with Kel, Louise and their Husky, Sheba. How dog named after a Queen and the other after a Goddess. We think the humans may be just the servants in this household!

As always, the Robaldo family have given their all when it comes to fostering and we thank them for the dedication they never fail to provide to us and the dogs in their care.

Happy furrytail ending, Ishtar!

Hello, everyone. My name is Ishtar and I'm the latest cute-as-a-button addition to the SHAMROQ adoption album. I arrived in care from a regional pound with my brother after we were left in the cold drop boxes. As soon as we arrived it became evident that we haven't really seen much of the outside world or done many normal doggy things. My brother has since found his happily-ever-after, so now it's my turn.

Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of love and war. The only war in me in whether to ask for tummy rubs or back scratches first from my humans. The rest of me is all love! I adore my foster fur brother...well, most of the time. He's a big, goofy Malamute and we love to play together. As long as he doesn't interrupt my one on one human time then we're good.

I'm usually pretty good with other dogs but haven't been tested with small dogs or cats yet. I have never been without a fur sibling so I'll need a compatible one in my furever home. I also love my people. Maybe even a little more than my fur brother (but don't tell him that!) My foster family has children about 10 and older. Before being here I was never really taught anything or shown how nice girls behave, but I'm learning not to jump up for kisses and cuddles. This learning is still going on but I'm as sweet as they come and very smart so I still have much to learn. Homes with small children should be avoided in case my jumping scares them or knocks them over.

At home I haven't shown any interest in jumping fences or digging out so, as long as fences are secure and around 5ft, I should be happy to hang at home with my fur sibling until you come home. Like I said, until now I've never really experienced much and that includes car rides. I'm starting to figure out that a car ride usually means a trip to a fun place, but at times it worries me also.

I think we can all agree that I'm one of the cutest and sweetest girls you'll ever meet and maybe I'm the canine version of the goddess of love. But I must point out that, after my sheltered start to life, I'm now looking for just the right furever family. I'm looking for an active, yet patient family who can continue on from the foundations my foster family has begun to build for me. I promise that the effort will be returned to you two-fold in kisses, cuddles and all-round, one-of-a-kind, pure dog love.

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