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LYCAN has found his furrytail ending!!

We knew that this big fella was going to be a heartbreaker! Thank you to Chris & Lynette for nursing Lycan back to health and readying him for a permanent home.

He has now been adopted by Amy & Craig, who report that everyone who meets Lycan falls in love with him. We can see why!

Happy furrytail ending, Lycan!

Yo, peeps, Lycan here. I'm shopping for my new family so thought I'd pop a bit of a list here of what it is I'm looking for. I'm a pretty stubborn kinda guy (Duh, I'm a Malamute) so please make sure you tick all my boxes before you come knockin' on my kennel door! When I say I'm looking for my new family, I've had a few in the past and none have quite worked out for whatever reason, but this time this one is gonna stick and it'll be the family lucky enough to have me furever!

​You should know that I'm a big guy. Like 50kgs big, and I still have some weight to put on this lean frame too! So you gotta be into the big boys! I'm strong when on lead so will need someone who has experience in handling us oversized floofers and isn't scared of the challenge. My size also means I can get a bit goofy around little ones and send them flying. I don't mean to and feel bad about it, but for their sake I won't be good for kids any younger than around 10 or so.

I'll need a home where I'm allowed inside to hang out with the people when they're home for my favourite part of the day - cuddle time! I don't mind chilling in the yard while you're at work, but I'd like to be taken for a stroll around the neighbourhood before you go or as soon as you come home. If you're home lots then I'm happy to be your one and only but I'd also be open to sharing my home with with a large, laid back female dog. I can be a bit pushy when I want something, so they'd have to be able to handle that. I haven't been around cats, so let's not tempt fate there. This frame means I'll need strong, secure fences but they need only be about 5ft in height to keep me safe.

​There is one more thing that I'm picky about and must insist on actually, and that's food. When SHAMROQ took me in, I had terrible skin and was really itchy. After lots of visits to the Doc, turns out I have food allergies. So it's very important that I only be fed certain foods and no sneaky treats - no matter how hard I beg. Otherwise this new, beautiful coat won't be so pretty anymore!!

​We all know us big boys are popular, and rightly so. But with a big dog comes big responsibility!

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