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NYX has found her furrytail ending!!


StartFragmentBeautiful Nyx has found her forever home with Mandy and her family, including Teddy the Shiba Inu and even a little feline brother too! Our thanks go to Jessica & Reuben who fostered Nyx for us and Desmond who sponsored her.

Happy furrytail ending, Nyx!EndFragment

There are often those that have a love of a breed. We all have a list of favourites or must-owns, sure. But then there are those die-hard one-breed-only kind of dog parents who love everything that their particular chosen breed stands for. I think we all know someone who thinks the stubborn, yet lovable and cuddly Malamute rocks their world. Then there are also those owned by a German Shepherd who cannot go past their loyalty and tenacity. But every once in awhile the stars align, worlds collide and the perfect mix of these two breeds comes along. Everyone, please meet Nyx!

Nyx is not your average bear. She's sweet yet cautious, protective yet sociable. When Nyx first came into our care, she was a little worried about the world and not sure what it held for her.

But a loving foster family and a Husky brother she adores has brought down some of her initial barriers and allowed her to blossom. Sure, there are still some things that worry her - like rides in the car - but she digs deep into that German Shepherd courage and tries her little golden heart out.

Foster Mum is the object of her loyalty and protective nature. Whilst this has never become an issue and she'll eventually warm to everyone she meets, it's still reassuring to know she's never far from your side. Nyx is a friendly girl at heart and must have another medium to large sized dog to not only play with and entertain her, but also to reassure her in those situations she's not quite sure of yet.

Those Malamute genes are never far away, and although untested, it's not recommended that small dogs or pocket pets be left unattended with our little golden girl. Although she's met some cats through closed doors, you can never be sure when that temptation to chase may just kick in.

Nyx's perfect home will require secure fences of at least 5ft with an active family who are happy to be her jogging partner. She loves a daily jaunt of the neighbourhood and beating the pavement beside her favourite person in the world. Nyx is yet to meet any small children or elderly family members, so she should not be left alone with any just in case her bounciness trips anybody up!

Maybe you're a Malamute or Shepherd lover and ready to mix things up a little. Maybe you have no preference from either but the blended traits of these two breeds spells the perfect fit for your family.

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