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BLIZZARD has found his furrytail ending!!

When he came to us, Blizzard was just a large, baldy, gangly bag of bones. He didn't even look like a Malamute! With the TLC provided by his foster Mum, Liz, soon he had gained weight and some hair too.

Blizzard (or Robbie the Ski Dog, as Liz christened him...don't even ask!) loved human company so Liz found a local couple to provide doggy day care for him while she was at work. Jan & John grew to adore having the big guy around and their dog, Ruby enjoyed having a playmate. After a little while, they realised that they were dreading Blizzard getting adopted and no longer having the pleasure of his company...and the rest is history!

So thank you to Liz for all her dedication and care, and congratulations to Jan & John!

Happy furrytail ending, Blizzard!

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