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MISO has found her furrytail ending!!

Dainty little Miso was fostered by the lovely Saz and her family. (Spoiler alert: this ISN'T a foster-fail ending for a change!) They were very excited at the thought of Miso finding her home with someone who would make her an important part of their family and treat her like the little Princess that she is.

When Samm and her boys came along, it was clear that the search for the perfect family was over and Miso was adopted. They tell us that they're feeling very blessed to have her in their home. And that's why we do what we do. Happy doggo, happy adopters, happy foster carers, happy SHAMROQ team!

And happy furrytail ending, Miso!

Miso here! Yep, just like the Japanese seasoning. It's pronounced "Me-so" and although I may be as cute as a button, there are some things you should know about me before you send through your online application and wait with baited breath.

Me so tiny (ha ha see what I did there?). yep, I'm almost a pocket Husky. But although she be little, she is also fierce. So fierce might not be the right word when talking about a dog - I am, in fact, far from that. What I mean is that I'm no pushover. I choose to centre my attention on my people and don't really like to share them with other dogs. Small dogs are definitely off the list, but I currently live with two other large dogs.

I do tend to protect my foster Mum from them and will growl if they approach her in my cuddle time. I'll also protect my food and toys from any dogs that dare think of touching them! So, for those reasons, I'll be just as happy in a home with no other dogs if my people are at home more often than not.

Me so well-behaved! (Yep, I find it hilarious so I'm gonna keep doing it!). Well, as behaved as a Husky gets, that is. I know sit, stay and give paw but of course no off-lead out and about unless it's at the dog park. Speaking of the dog park, make sure I'm only allowed to play with the big dogs - small ones might be too much fun to chase and catch! I'm a gentle girl on-lead and can't be bothered to pull during my daily strolls of the neighbourhood.

Me so comfortable! (That never gets old!) Inside with the people, that is. I've had the good life in my foster home since being busted out of the pound and I ain't gonna give that one up! So I'll need a home where I have access inside and out. I am by no means an escape-artist but fences should be around 5ft in height with no gaps that my little booty can fit through.

If I had to think about my perfect home, it would be with some people - maybe retired - who are home lots and have a small Husky-sized spot free in the lounge room. My protective instincts mean I won't be suited to any small people in the home, but I'm happy to have their adoration when out and about.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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