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GIZMO has found his furrytail ending!!

Three cheers for Gizmo, who has waited ever-so-patiently (but not all that quietly...he is a Malamute, after all!) to be adopted. We can't say that we're all that surprised that his foster carers couldn't part with him, as to know Gizmo is to truly love him.

Thank you to his previous foster Mum, Bri, for caring for him. We know that this boy will always have a place in your heart. And to his sponsor, Sharon Kuhn, who's generous contributions are truly appreciated.

Congratulations to Nadia and family on their new family addition of the most endearing polar bear.

Happy furrytail ending, Gizmo!

Cute, affectionate, lovable. That would be me. Just like the adorable Gizmo from Gremlins, except I promise that I love sunlight, can (but shouldn't) eat after midnight and won't multiply if I get wet. That's lucky since I'm just getting used to how much fun swimming is!

I'm one of those guys that can find fun in just about anything. If it squeaks, bounces or happens to squeak AND bounce, then I won't be able to contain my excitement! Play time with other dogs is the other highlight of my day. I'm currently an only-dog in my foster home and that'd be okay for the long-term if my people were home most of the time and happy to take me on play dates to the dog park or other doggy outings on a regular basis. Even better would be if there happened to be a medium to large doggy sister waiting to welcome me to the family! I've met a cat before but they didn't seem to be impressed when I gave chase.

In typical Mally fashion, it's my people who are the centre of my world. If you leave me for too long, I'll worry about you and, if the fences aren't secure and around 5ft in height, then I might try to come find you. If I'm home alone, some enrichment toys and a long-lasting treat helps take my mind off my worry. I don't like to share these with other dogs though. But if I have another doggy friend or settle in enough to realise that you always come home, then I guess I'll be okay. I need to be a part of a family that includes me in daily life. I need a short walk or two each day, lots of car rides and a home to come inside at night. I don't mind what kind of people my family is made up of, but I can get a bit jumpy with the little ones.

I'm all about being open and telling you everything that happened in my day so, while we're chatting, I'll also tell you that I do suffer from mild hip dysplasia. This isn't uncommon in my breed and can be managed with supplements, swimming and maintaining my fitness and a healthy weight. I might need a rest if I overdo it, but it doesn't take long before I'm up for the next round of tug-of-war.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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