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RADAR has found his furrytail ending!!

Whilst Akitas can have a reputation for being a little difficult (and believe us, we've definitely had a few that have tested the boundaries!), Radar blew that stereotype right out of the water. Soft-natured and affectionate, he proved himself to be a real gentleman who wouldn't dream of causing any trouble. We crossed our fingers and hoped for a special family who would do this young man justice. Our expectations were exceeded by the McLeans. They already had a female Akita, Kira, who had lost her partner-in-crime, Thor some months before and was a little lonely. They were active people with a strong belief that a dog is for life and is always treated as a part of the family. Radar's name even held special meaning because it was relevant to his potential new Dad's job! It seemed that the McLeans had the perfect home for Radar. When we discussed their application with his foster Mum, Nicky, she confessed that she had goosebumps...there was no doubt that this was where Radar was meant to be. There was only one hurdle to overcome and that was distance, as the McLeans lived in steamy Darwin. A 'meet and greet' via video call followed and it was clear that Radar had found his home. However, we were talking about a destination that is usually quite flight costs are based on weight and we were talking about a BIG dog. The quote for that flight was almost twice the adoption fee. However, the folks at PetRescue are passionate about dogs finding their ideal homes and so they put their money where their mouth is by donating a flight for Radar. Thank you, PetRescue! We had a back-up plan that should anything go pear-shaped during or after the trial period, the McLeans would pay for his return to us in Queensland. Since Radar has settled in well, we believe that the family is instead making a donation to PetRescue to help them continue assisting others. Thankfully, Radar and Kira have bonded well and he's put a spring back in her step. We may have been a tiny bit worried about how he'd get along with the family's two cats, but we're pleased to report that CB & SNAFU are still alive and well and Radar has quickly worked out that he's way down below them in the pecking order! Our heartfelt thanks go to Radar's foster family, the Butner-Johnsons, as we know that even after countless foster dogs, some are harder to say goodbye to than others. This boy is very special to them indeed. We'd also like to acknowledge Bobbie, who stepped in and saved Radar in the beginning and asked us for help in finding him the home he deserved. Lastly, thank you to the Akita Australia group who banded together and sponsored Radar's vetwork. There are so many individuals who assisted Radar on his journey from abandoned dog to very much loved companion and for that, we are extremely grateful. Happy furrytail ending, Radar!

Hello friends!!! How are you? Well thanks for asking, I'm just super. You see, to me every day is a good day and I call almost everyone I meet a friend. SHAMROQ tell me they have rescued a few Akitas in the past, and while they were all special, they were also all "special". But they tell me I'm the easiest Akita they've ever met. The pound staff and vet people told me that too!

You may notice that I'm a bit on the skinny side. My foster carers have been working to put some meat on these bones and I'm on my way to my target weight, but I still have a little bit to go. Doesn't stop me from loving life and being fit as a fiddle though! I currently live with a number of other large dogs and have met lots of new ones at the dog park. I have not yet met any small dogs or cats but, due to my size, I think they are best left as an unknown.

I'm on the look out for the perfect new home and that has to include at least one other dog for company! A large female would be my choice, but I'm sure I can meet some easy going boys if need be to see how we get on. My favourite thing ever is to sit on the backseat of the car, with the window down and the breeze in my coat. Even better is when that car ride takes me to a walk at the beach or the dog park! I currently enjoy a 3km stroll most days and I can promise you it helps to clear the head and just take a moment to enjoy life!

My foster family has given me my very own yard surrounded by 5ft fences with no gaps underneath and I've been quite content to just hang out there when they aren't home. I would like to be able to be inside with you when you are home though please. List most dogs, the two things that rock my world are people and food. My foster people see some signs that I've had a bit of a rough time in the past, but with reassurance and a gentle hand I'm learning to forgive and forget. Whilst I love all people, I can't remember if I've been around little kids at all in the past. Due to my size, it would be best that any kids in my new home are school-aged or older and are big-dog-savvy.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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