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DENIM has found his furrytail ending!!

Ol' Mr Blue Eyes himself, Denim, has been lucky to be adopted by Ray and his Husky girl, Bella. Our thanks go to foster carers, Jessica & Reuben for looking after him while he awaited his forever family.

Happy furrytail ending, Denim!

What is that one item in your wardrobe that everyone has? It is versatile and comes in just about everything – why it’s Denim of course! And just like everyone’s must have textile, I too am irresistible and the perfect choice for a must have item! Although, us Gen Y’ers will remember, there are some cases in which denim just isn’t the right choice (*cough* Britney and JT’s attempt a double demin back in the early noughties – yeah no).

So being a Husky, unfortunately I am not for everyone’s family situation. Yes I know I am a looker but there is much more to me than these baby blues. My new home must have 6ft fences as there is some Tigger in these genes and I have a mean high jump on me. I have never used it to escape my foster home, but to prevent issues, let’s roll with that. This bounciness also means I won’t suit small children. I am not a big bad wolf, but I do live life at 100 miles an hour and would hate to knock any little ones over.

Denim can be the essential part of your outfit, but it is always best paired with something else. In this case that is another playful dog. Emphasis on the playful.

I currently live with another Husky and we are regulars at the local dog park. Any new fur bros or sisters will need to be medium sized or larger as I can send the little ones flying if they get in the way of my full speed Husky zoomies. Any cats in the home should be kept completely separate. I have seen some through closed doors, but my interest in possums may mean that I am just a little too tempted to be trusted.

Being a young, spritely lad, I really enjoy as many walks a week as possible and will quite happily join you in car rides to new and exotic fenced dog parks. Ideally, what I am looking for is an active family that is keen to make me a part of family life. I am content to hang out in the yard with my fur sibling/s during the day if you aren’t home, but would also like to come inside and hang out when you are.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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