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BELLE has found her furrytail ending!!

Beautiful Belle has found her happiness down in Victoria with long-time Malamute enthusiasts, Sharon & Jimmy. Big thanks to her foster carers, Josh & Riss and Tracie, who all played an important part in this young lady's journey from pound dog to treasured family member.

Proud new Dad, Jimmy tells us that he's so happy to have Belle in their home. "She is an absolute delight and has settled in as if she was always here! We are just so happy to have her, after losing our other two. The backyard no longer feels empty! Made of sugar, that's how sweet she is. I can't believe someone's loss is our gain."

We think that Belle has gained quite a lot too, by becoming the new addition to Jimmy & Sharon's family. We hope that she's healed their hearts a little. Once you've been owned by a Malamute, nothing else compares!

Happpy furrytail ending, Belle!

"Look, there she goes, a girl who's strange but special

A most peculiar mademoiselle

It's a pity and a sin

She doesn't quite fit in

'Cause she really is a funny girl

A beauty but a funny girl

She really is a funny girl, that Belle!"

Ok, let's have a look at this little bit of lyrical Disney goodness, shall we? Perhaps a little bit of artistic license there, but as with the beloved story, this Belle is looking for her fairytale...or "furrytail"...ending. Whilst I have a crooked ear and am more rotund than some, I'm not strange but definitely special!

This not so peculiar mademoiselle knows exactly what she wants! A home with a family of my own. They can be an older couple or a single or a family with 2.5 children, as long as they're teenage or older as my joie de vivre can at times lead me to bouncing and jumping around.

I'm yet to understand that people and other animals don't want to steal my food and, aside from belly rubs, food is what I hold most dear in this world so I'll guard it just in case.

There's no pity or sin here, just that a beauty such as myself is yet to find my place. You see, whilst I'm not keen to share my home with another dog, I'm one of those rare arctics who are happy to share my home with a pesky feline...but I will warn them off should they come too close to my beloved food.

And you see, I do fit in many homes. I'm not an escape-artist by any means so solid, secure fences of minimum 4ft height will suit me fine. What I will insist on though is a home where I'm allowed to be inside with you for family time. I'll happily sunbake in the yard during the day should you have dreaded work to go to.

I am a funny girl and a beauty. My foster Mum laughs as I run to greet her in the afternoons when she arrives home and I throw myself at her feet in a position that dictates belly rub time! I yearn for that furrytail ending, and this modest girl doesn't need a castle or a handsome prince, but just the comfort and love of a suitable family and to be more than a guest!

Should you be the Beast to my Belle, please click Apply below before the last rose petal falls. Yeah, ok, there's no magical rose or curse, just a pending Happy Ever After!

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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