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PAPABEAR (now Little Bear) has found his furrytail ending!!

Happy days for PapaBear as he settles into his permanent home with Dad, Ralph, who is absolutely rapt with his new little mate! This exciting chapter of his life begins with a name change. He's now Little Bear.

His journey with SHAMROQ has been made possible with care from foster parents Jessica, Alex & Toni and with sponsorship from Chris & Sonya.

Happy Furrytail ending, Little Bear!

When in doubt and having profile writers block, consulting Urban Dictionary will always help, and be ridiculously accurate! So when we plugged Papa Bear into the search engine, these are the gems that we were rewarded with: "An awesome guy! "A warm, cuddly, and usually hairy boyfriend, husband, etc." And, yes, these words are true, except for the boyfriend and husband bit, I'm happy to be your doggy companion. The hairy bit hits the nail on the head though.

I'm an awesome guy if I do say so myself and my biggest fan in the world will tell you the same, except she can't talk yet 'cos she's just a little one at 8 months old. I live with three little ones and I'm a great babysitter but, as with all dogs, supervision is required as I don't like having my tail pulled.

I much prefer the company of a skin family who'll spend time with me so I've decided that I'm not interested in sharing my people with any other pets at home.

The warm and cuddly definition is also scarily accurate. Whilst I'm happy in the yard during the day, at night I like to hang out with the family and curl up in your lap like an oversized cat! I'm beyond the Houdini Husky exploits so, as long as fences are 5ft plus and secure, there shouldn't be any issues with me escaping. I've recently had some surgery on a prior leg injury which has healed well and I'm doing much better. I do love walks but a 20 minute stroll at a time is about all I can handle without getting a bit slow. Car rides are a whole other story though - I can take those all day long!

We all have our things in life that we just won't do. Mine is dry food...ick! So, as long as you're happy to make me a good, home-cooked meal or some nice raw food, then I'll happily be that awesome, hairy, warm and cuddly family man that Urban Dictionary knows I can be.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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