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BANSHEE has found her furrytail ending!!

Banshee came to us in a bit of a mess with skin, ear and eye infections. With some help from our vets and TLC from her foster family, the Elwells, she was soon looking and feeling healthy. While her previous owners weren't sure of her age, they estimated that she could be as old as 13. She sure doesn't act like it though, now that she's got a new lease on life!

The Elwells fell head over heels for the girl they affectionately refer to as their 'squishy-faced Grandma' and realised that they couldn't bear to part with her. Foster-Mum-turned-forever-Mum, Kristie says, "She goes everywhere we go, she loves belly rubs and she has the cutest howl. Older dogs are pretty special." We agree, Kristie. SHAMROQ definitely has a soft spot for our oldies.

Happy furrytail ending, Banshee!

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