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INDI has found her furrytail ending!!

Congratulations to Louise & Tony, who have expanded their duo to a happy trio with the addition of our lovely Indi. As always, our gratitude goes to our foster carers, the Butner-Johnsons, for their time & effort. Most foster families have their hands full with one SHAMRPQ dog to look after, but this household has had THREE foster dogs at once for the last little while! Indi's brother, Loki, remains with them in the meantime while he searches for his forever home too.

Happy furrytail ending, Indi!

Hello, may I please have a moment of your time? I promise not to bother you, but I would just like to say Hello and introduce myself. You see, I am looking for a new home and well, I would really like that to be yours. But to make sure it will be suitable for me, there are just a few things I have to tell you.

First off, my name is Indi and I am a just a little pocket rocket of a husky. I joined the SHAMROQ family with my boof head of a brother, Loki. He acts all big and tough and stuff, but he is a softie on the inside. If you have read his profile and think we could come together, then that would be awesome. But if you already have another dog, and if they are easy going and medium sized or larger, and probably a male, then I could fit in with that as on my own too. I do need a little bit of time to warm up to new dogs, but when I do it’s play time! I am just a little scared on the inside, but I know SHAMROQ and my carers will only find me the very best! Cats and other small pets are a little too much temptation, so I won’t be compatible with those.

Speaking of cats, I can be a scaredy one. As much as I love walks, and I need at least one a day, I get a little worried around loud noises and large groups of people. But my carers are showing me that I don’t have to stress too much, they got my little furry back! Despite this, show me my lead and watch me do cartwheels for walk time. What makes it even more exciting is when I get to ride in the car to go on walks. Yep, I am a car chick, driving with the wind in my hair is the best feeling ever!

Being a little pipsqueak means that I can fit into and through small spaces. So to keep me safe and secure, and fences in my new home need to be a minimum of 5ft and have no gaps, especially underneath that I might use for digging out of. I will also need to be allowed inside and a part of the family. Being a little unsure of some things, I think I would prefer a home with children who are school aged or older and know when to give me some time out. But they gotta like going for walks and runs but, whoever they are!

So that is the little ole me in a nutshell.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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