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ATARI has found her furrytail ending!!

As you would all know, in addition to the breeds that we are known for rehoming, we also rescue crosses of those breeds from pounds where they're at risk of euthanasia. This was the case for Atari, who is microchipped as a Malamute X Boxer. Hmmm...maybe if you turn your head on the side and squint a little? Seeing her in the flesh, we could maybe guess at a bit of Akita and she does chat and howl, but we digress. Our crosses can sometimes take a little longer to find their forever homes, especially if they don't look all that Arctic.

Atari had been in foster care with us for a year, but luckily she had a great foster home in the meantime with Josh & Daveta and their adorable one-eyed Husky boy, Faelan. I was fortunate to do some live-in dogsitting recently while Josh & Daveta were overseas and I realised that to know Atari is to love her. She may not look like the typical kind of dog that we rehome, but she's very affectionate and actually more stunning than photos can express. It's really no surprise then that her adopters were the ones who have spent the most time with her and know her best of all!

Congratulations to Josh & Daveta for finally succumbing to Atari's charms. Thank you to her sponsors, the Heremia-Tarau furbabies, for helping with the costs of her extended stay as a SHAMROQ kid, but she finally has a real family of her own.

Happy furrytail ending, Atari!

Ataris were everyone's favourite game console of the '80s. Who doesn't remember laying on the lounge room floor battling it out over a game of Space Invaders or Paper Boy. Well, ladies & gentlemen, there's a new Atari here to entertain you, nut this time in the form of a playful, exuberant oversized puppy. Pleased to meet you!

I was surrendered to a regional pound as my family didn't have the time for me. So it's time to find a family that will take me in as one of them. My foster family have gotten me accustomed to sleeping inside right at your feet, and having my own special spot for the evening.

There is, however, also playtime outside and for that I'll need a fur brother or sister, medium sized or larger, to be my partner in crime. I haven't been around small dogs or cats, and I wouldn't want to accidentally hurt them. I have been around birds though, they are interesting to watch, I reckon.

My foster family have been teaching me some tricks like 'sit', 'down' and 'wait'. Being young, I'm a blank canvas and have so much more to learn. My favourite thing to do when I meet people is to give them a high 5 paw. It's kinda my secret handshake. I'm learning to try and curb my excitement and be a little gentler but, to be on the safe side, any children in the home should be school aged or older. I think I may have some Tigger in my genes - I have a mean bounce, so fences should be around 6ft and secure.

My microchip says that I'm a Malamute X Boxer, but the jury is still out on that one. The Malamute part is obvious, but the other part or parts are unknown. My guess is a Cuteski or an Energiserhound! Doesn't really matter though, does it? What does matter is that you are looking for a new family member just like me.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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