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MAYA has found her furrytail ending!!

Maya recently took a flight down to Victoria to meet her new Dad, Harry and his family. It was quite an adventure for our big girl but Harry tells us that she's settled in beautifully and he couldn't have asked for a better dog.

These love matches are the very reason that we do what we do, as it gives us so much satisfaction to see our dogs and their new families happy together. Instrumental in making this happen, of course, are our foster families. Robert & Lisa have been fostering for us for many years now and have probably lost count of the number of dogs that they've cared for! We thank them for looking after the lovely Maya until she found her happily ever after with Harry & Co.

Happy furrytail ending, Maya!

You get a cuddle! You get a cuddle! And you get a cuddle! You all get cuddlesssssss!!!! Ah yes, if Oprah were a Malamute, she would be just like moi. Junk in the trunk, gives everybody a chance, happy to have a male companion around at times, or equally happy in my own company.

Oh and everyone who meets me loves me! Ok so I can’t give you free holidays or cars, and I don’t have a book list – dogs can’t read, people – but I can be give you so much more! Just like Oprah, I am not over the hill yet but also happy to take a step back and enjoy life. I have no desire to go for runs or need to escape for adventure. Us older ladies start to slow down a little and get the odd woman’s troubles, but there is still plenty of life in me yet!

I am quite happy to laze around home and go for leisurely strolls around the neighbourhood with you a few times a week. As long as fences are secure and without large gaps or holes underneath, 4ft high will be adequate to keep this big lady in check. I currently live with another large, laid back male Malamute and I enjoy his company. I am not compatible with small dogs or cats, and being a Malamute diva, it is likely that I won’t suit living with another female dog either. There is a whole lotta me to love so if there are any children in the home, they should be school aged or older, only due to my size and ability to knock over small things. I usually am quite respectful around people and have an impressive obedience repertoire for an arctic, so I would suit quite a range of family situations from the family with 2.5 kids to the retired part time grey nomads. What is not negotiable is that I be allowed to spend as much time as possible inside with my people. I am happy outside during the day if you aren’t home, but will knock on the door when you’re in, just in case you forgot I was here. As my girl Oprah says, “You get in the life what you have the courage to ask for” – and I ask for a wonderful new home where the dogs are family and pats and cuddles are free-flowing!

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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