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GRAVY has found his furrytail ending!

First cab off the rank for October adoptions is our big unit, Gravy. Simply put, this guys is really something special - a true gentle giant. From time to time, his foster Mum, Chloe, would grapple with the idea of foster-failure, as a dog like Gravy just doesn't come along every day. Each time, she resisted the temptation and remained resolute that she would stick to fostering.

One day, we messaged her..."OK, take a deep breath...we have an adoption application for Gravy...are you sure that you're OK with this before we go ahead?" Chloe said yes and that, despite feeling a little teary already, we should set up a meet and greet with the prospective family.

On the afternoon of the meet and greet, Gravy put his foot down. He didn't want to go to the dog park and when he did get there, snubbed Chloe and refused to come to her or even look at her. He knew something was up. Perhaps he'd assumed that he was already home where he belonged and thought a meet and greet was redundant?

The meet went ahead and Chloe reported back that the family and their dogs were lovely..."however, if anything falls through, he will definitely have a permanent home here".

Wait...what?!? CHLOE!!! Oh no...what were the odds of the family choosing not to go ahead with the adoption when Gravy is so damn perfect? But now Chloe had come to the realisation that she'd like to adopt him too, although her timing was pretty crappy! However, she was very clear that she would let him go if the potential adoptive family decided that they wanted him. We felt terrible for Chloe that she'd come to the realisation a little too late and we waited for confirmation that Gravy had a home to go to.

It was then that we received an email from the prospective adopters saying that, while they adored Gravy, extenuating circumstances meant that they were no longer in a position to adopt. We don't usually feel good when we get that kind of email, but it was with great excitement that we could tell Chloe that Gravy could stay with her for good. Big sighs of relief all 'round that no-one walked away from this situation feeling sad and disappointed, as we really value our carers and adopters.

So congrats to Chloe, Matt, the girls & Husky bro, Marcelo on the new addition, who it turns out was just meant to be! Thank you to Sonya & Chris for their sponsorship of Gravy during his time as a SHAMROQ kid.

Happy furrytail ending, Gravy!!

When dinner is dull and boring, the best way to make any meal exciting is to add gravy!! And folks, that's just what you need to do in life too. This big hunk is no meaty sauce though. Instead, I'm a big, lovable, goofy floof that you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

Gravy isn't much good on its own - it needs to complement something else for the perfect combo. That's me too. I'm such a social guy and will need another dog to be my chips or roast beef. I reckon all other dogs are fun, as long as they like to hang out and chew the fat. Small ones tend to get a bit scared of my overbearing size from time to time, so medium to large sized would be best. You know, I may even learn to live with a feline or two, but we must be supervised when together to prevent any slip-ups of the prey drive instinct.

I'll need people who value my place in the family. Big or little, old or young, I'm not choosy. As long as they allow me the right to be an indoor/outdoor family member and take me as many places as possible, then I'm one happy guys. Despite the slight onset of some arthritis in my rear leg, I'll still demand at least one leisurely stroll a day. And, whilst I'll protest, losing a kilo or two will be good for me and my fitness goals.

Home is where the heart is and where you'll find me waiting for you to return. I have no interest in digging out or climbing fences so, if you have a secure yard with fences of over 4ft in height with no large gaps or holes, then that will be gravy! (Ha, see what I did there?)

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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