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PUMBA (now Portland) has found his furrytail ending!

We realise that #3 foster failure for the month may disappoint some people, since puppies are rare in our rescue. Yes, Pumba would have been popular, but this little boy required a very specific home indeed.

At only a few months of age, he had already failed a behaviour assessment in the shelter, due to fairly serious resource guarding. Left unaddressed, this could have become a real problem as he grew into a large dog. We knew we needed to find him a foster home with a proven understanding of dog behaviour issues so that we could resolve this concerning behaviour and make him adoption-ready.

Our dedicated carers, Josh & Riss, were an obvious choice with their training background. They worked their magic on his resource guarding and are shaping him into a well-behaved little boy (well, as well-behaved as you can expect from a Husky puppy!)

In the meantime, Pumba has been working his own magic and making Josh & Riss fall in love with him. So we'd like to congratulate them on officially making Pumba - now named Portland - a member of their family. We'd also like to make mention of his furry big brothers & sisters, Anuk, Tuuq, Ruby and kitty-cats, Ink & Simba, who have all been instrumental in showing him the ropes too.

Portland is a very lucky boy indeed, since he can go to work with Mum & Dad to the incredible Wolfhouse. He'll be appearing on their Facebook page as he continues ongoing socialisation, training and enrichment, so make sure you keep up to date with his shenanigans over there as he grows.

Happy furrytail ending, Portland!

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